We are a  North American company (operations in both the US and Canada) that provides an entire suite of hassle-free, everyday sanitizing solutions.  These are solutions that look good, feel good and don’t cast an arm and a leg . All our sanitizers are manufactured in the US, FDA and NDC compliant, have bilingual packaging and we offer private label capabilities.  We work with brands and distributors who believe in high quality products and phenomenal customer service as much as we do.

Our sanitizing solutions are very simply put, “NEXT LEVEL”. From their high alcohol content ( 80% USP Food Grade Ethanol denatured according to SDA 40B=>safety and quality), uniquely hydrating formulations that were created to hydrate skin use after use, to elegant, fuss-free packaging, our sanitizers offer the end user products that they can use day after day without ever having to worry about cracked, dry hands. Perfect for anyone, but even more so for people working in sectors where they have to use sanitizer multiple times a day ,even up to several times an hour, such as essential workers.